Discourse now works as a PWA in iOS

It’s been a long time coming, but finally Discourse can be used as a pwa in iOS devices.

This is now possible thanks to many changes over the years, some from Apple and lots from us.

Both meta.discourse.org and review.discourse.org have all features enabled, so please give it a go:

After that you get a nice icon for the Discourse instance on your home screen. After clicking on it you will have:

  • A dedicated “application” in iOS alt-tab overview
  • A full screen experience without the Safari UI
  • The ability to browse previously visited content while offline
  • Support for push notifications

We plan to enable this by default in the coming days. This is now enabled by default :tada:


Why do I have to login again in the PWA?

Because the PWA instance doesn’t share cookies with main Safari on iOS

Does the PWA support push notifications?



Very very nice :+1: :+1:

Is there something similar for Android devices?

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It is available on Android for over four years now.


Thank god! Apple has been on a roll recently! I will probably be bugging anybody who has a Discourse forum.


No need to bug the admins. As said in the OP we will switch this to default if it works well.


This is now enabled by default :tada:


Thanks for your work on this.

If push notifications are supported by Discourse PWAs in future, this will kill off one of the prime advantages of Facebook Groups. Can’t wait for this to arrive, although it’s a technically significant undertaking so I don’t expect it any time soon.

I noticed a very minor issue with the new PWA on my instance. When clicking a link that navigates to another iPhone app eg a Twitter onebox, the “inter-app” back button shows “Untitled” as opposed to the name of my forum:


This would be quite simple to do on the Discourse side, as we implement the web standard. The ball is in the Apple court, as they have the only browser who doesn’t implement it while prohibiting competing browsers on their iOS devices.

That’s weird. But as we set title in both the .webmanifest and in our main document, there is nothing we can do. It’s a bug on Apple implementation.


iOS 13.5 fixes one annoying bug when multi-tasking into PWAs :tada:


Someone’s written a short article about PWA’s and iOS 14:


iOS in a nutshell


When it comes to PWAs? :sweat_smile:



There is a problem with the PWA’s when multitasking. It freezes most of the time. Not just my forum but it’s repro on Meta’s PWA also. This bug appear on both platform (iOS, Android) but mostly iOS. Is that possible to fix this somehow? Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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The freezing also occurs on my iOS devices. Are there any plans to fix it?

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@Falco seems the video is set to private, do you still have it? :slight_smile: obrigado!


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I think this needs to be updated in the OP as per:

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It would be misleading to say that it supports notifications. I haven’t gotten a single one since I enabled them a while ago.

Good catch, updated.

We have multiple people on team daily driving it without any problems regarding push notifications. It always works on my iPad too.

I’d suggest opening a bug topic with very detailed steps about what’s happening exactly when you enable push here on Meta on your iOS PWA, if you are on the latest stable OS version, if you don’t have a conflicting Hub install, etc.


Currently, I am on the 17 developer beta, latest build. However, this isn’t really making a difference. On every 16 RC build I was on, there was still no push notification, and also no hub app still installed. I’ll open a report when I get time.

And with 17.4 this will end, at least in Europe.