Backblaze S3 issue: duplicated uploads after delete

I am using Backblaze as S3 storage and have the clean up orphan uploads setting turned on. The problem is, instead of deleting the orphan upload, there created a duplicated file with 0 byte.
see below for example. the (2) indicates the number of files with the same name. if expanded, you will see the original file still exists, also with an 0 bytes file. Has anyone had the similar issue? is it the problem of Backblaze or the setting? Thanks.

Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 8.00.38 AM

Discourse uses the S3 API, and since it works fine with AWS S3 it leaves this to being a Backblaze problem. Maybe contact their support? I will add a note about this in Using Object Storage for Uploads (S3 & Clones)


There’s an ellipsis which suggests the name of the 0-byte file is being truncated. What is the full name there? I’d wager the bucket has a file lifecycle configured and that file is a “hide marker”, as they call it.

When the lifecycle expires both versions should disappear.

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The truncated part is “hidden”. I think you are right. It looks like the duplicated files are all recently uploaded ones. I will wait some time and see if they are gone. Thank you.

Can you please update us if the issue has been resolved?
More than a year passed since your last post, so hoping this is OK now… :slight_smile:

The issue is not resolved yet. I just now manually deleted all the orphan files from BackBlaze manually. I think I’ll move to S3 at this point because regularly cleaning up the storage is a task in itself.