Backblaze S3 issue: duplicated uploads after delete

I am using Backblaze as S3 storage and have the clean up orphan uploads setting turned on. The problem is, instead of deleting the orphan upload, there created a duplicated file with 0 byte.
see below for example. the (2) indicates the number of files with the same name. if expanded, you will see the original file still exists, also with an 0 bytes file. Has anyone had the similar issue? is it the problem of Backblaze or the setting? Thanks.

Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 8.00.38 AM

Discourse uses the S3 API, and since it works fine with AWS S3 it leaves this to being a Backblaze problem. Maybe contact their support? I will add a note about this in Using Object Storage for Uploads (S3 & Clones)


There’s an ellipsis which suggests the name of the 0-byte file is being truncated. What is the full name there? I’d wager the bucket has a file lifecycle configured and that file is a “hide marker”, as they call it.

When the lifecycle expires both versions should disappear.


The truncated part is “hidden”. I think you are right. It looks like the duplicated files are all recently uploaded ones. I will wait some time and see if they are gone. Thank you.

Can you please update us if the issue has been resolved?
More than a year passed since your last post, so hoping this is OK now… :slight_smile:

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The issue is not resolved yet. I just now manually deleted all the orphan files from BackBlaze manually. I think I’ll move to S3 at this point because regularly cleaning up the storage is a task in itself.


Just an update with my experience…
I have a free B2 account (i.e. the first 10gb) and I don’t have a payment method added.

The backup files are rotated and the ‘hidden’ files are removed permanently after a few days. I never have more than 7 files at once (Discourse has max 5 daily backups rotation on). Since my backups are never more than ~500mb each I’ve never had to pay for anything or delete any ‘orphan’ files manually.

Has there been any change with this issue? Has anybody tried contacting Backblaze support about this?