Backing up your forum

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Has anyone got some recipes or stories to share of how they ensure their forum’s resilience? If something goes horribly wrong do you have a backup you can quickly spin up? Do you have a method for creating staging forums so you can test things without breaking your site?


I recommend putting backups on S3. If you do that then if you have your yml files you can spin up a new server, clone discourse and rebuild with the latest backup.

You can see Configure automatic backups for Discourse and Configure an S3 compatible object storage provider for uploads (and do just the part for backups).

You can Set up a staging server.


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Keeping backups in an external object storage (S3-compatible) is :100:.

I’ll add and recommend the peace of mind from the practice of downloading backups and occasionally testing them. I even use Discourse to track downloading them (I leave the list of the backups directory as a the message):

(I now track downloading backups in my family forums, so eventually my kid will be assigned the task. :star_struck:)

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I wrote a good bit on backup in my opinionated discourse deployment document. I don’t know if it will be useful, but thought I’d mention it.


I had to roll back on the idea after I was getting errors with the ACL list issue. Has anyone successfully set up an S3 backup and uploads recently?

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