Backup request via FTP

Hello, currently the system allows backup only in AWS S3, so I would like to know if it is due to an exclusivity and agreement with Amazon or if they plan to provide other services, for example via FTP so that I can automate it to any other place.

It is very cumbersome to have to download it manually and upload it to external servers (I feel like I am in prehistoric times); I would like many other services, but I’ll settle for FTP because I can synchronize this with any other external server.

It’s possible?

You are not tied exclusively to Amazon, I believe you can use many S3 providers.

For example, you could use Scaleway:

If you are self hosted, you can store backups locally and copy them elsewhere via scp/rsync.

You can use many s3 compatible services. Configure an S3 compatible object storage provider for uploads

The point of s3 is that it’s reliable and they beck it up so you don’t have to.

If you’re hosted at then you don’t need to download backups since they handle that for you.

Why do you want download the backups?

I want to have backup copies of my site, in case there is a hacking problem, configuration problem or any other problem, it is better to have a backup on external servers.

This is outright incorrect.

By default it saves a backup locally and you can FTP it off the server (via push or pull) as you see fit.

What led you to believe only S3 was supported?


So you are self hosted? If so, just use rsync to push or pull your backups elsewhere.

Make sure they you have a copy of the containers directory as well.