Backups to two different S3 regions no longer work

Today we have updated Discourse to latest commit, and S3 backup system stopped working

When accessing to /admin/backups, an error failed message is raised, and the JSON outputs this:
The bucket you are attempting to access must be addressed using the specified endpoint. Please send all future requests to this endpoint

Just before updating, it was working correctly
Now we can’t either make new backups or view current ones

We also use media uploads to S3, which is working properly at this moment
The media bucket is “kodular-community”, and it’s hosted in Dublin

However, the backups bucket is called “kodular-community-backups” and it’s hosted in Oregon

Maybe this issue could be releated in some way to the fact that it’s trying to fetch the “kodular-community-backups” from Dublin endpoint, as it’s the region it’s specified in Admin (?)

But I don’t know why it was working before and suddenly after updating it stopped working

I don’t think using different regions for backups and uploads is a supported configuration. If it ever worked it was a bug.


Yes, it was a bug that I fixed two days ago. Both buckets must be in the same region.


But how was that a bug? What was the effect of it?
Everything was working properly before :confused:

The bug was that the s3_region setting was completely ignored. That prevented Discourse from creating a new bucket and I think other things like uploading/downloading backups from the browser should have failed as well when the bucket’s region differed from the s3_region setting.


It doesn’t make any sense for them to be geographically separate.