Badge for posting image in specific topic

I had an idea for a badge, one that’d work well for a site like @yetidragon Combustionpunks

Assume a car forum. In this forum, there is a set topic for different makes, like Honda, Toyota, etc. If a member posts a PHOTO in the specific topic for the make, they get a specific badge for their make. Just posting a text reply grants them nothing.

@meglio has a badge that most of the functionality is there, but I’m too green to modify it to work for this idea.



Please proof my work…I installed Data Explorer which dramatically helped me understand the database structure as well as the ability to try out some queries. From what I can tell, this will pull if you have uploaded an image to a specific topic.

set topic_id (6th line) as the topic for the badge.

SELECT DISTINCT ON (sub.user_id)
sub.user_id, sub.post_id, sub.created_at granted_at from (SELECT p.created_at, p.user_id, as post_id,
    length(raw) * 2
      - length(replace(raw, '<img', '123'))
      - length(replace(raw, '[img]', '1234')) as num
  FROM posts p where topic_id=62) sub
  where sub.num > 0 AND (:backfill OR sub.post_id IN (:post_ids) )

Updated. Needed to have the ‘granted_at’ as well as post_ids