Badge for reading a topic?

It’s possible to add a badge if user read the specific topic/subject of forum ? and not just opened the topic but he read ~5minutes to be sure the user read the info ?

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I think this should be possible with something like:

FROM topic_users
WHERE topic_id = 281534
  AND total_msecs_viewed/60000 >= 5 -- min number of minutes viewed

I test and received this error:

Error : Contract violation: Query targets posts, but does not return a 'post_id' column

I think that’s because you’ve ticked the ‘Query targets posts’ box. If you set it up to more like this it should work fine:

Ok thank’s no error now

what do you recommend as a trigger ?

I think it would have to be Update Daily. I don’t think any of the other triggers would catch a change in the topic_users read time stat.

Ok I configured this first for test

this happens every 22 hours it seems to me regarding the assignment of badges

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