Badge given by other users

Would it be possible to crate a badge that is granted after, let’s say five other users, have verified it?

I’m creating a new community for a niche with quite sensitive subjects being handled and we’ll probably have members trying to find company and we have meetups in several cities regularly. So the need is to have a badge for ‘has been seen IRL’ that could be verified by other users and after enough verifications the user would be granted the badge.

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At the moment there isn’t a simple way to do that, no.

You could perhaps find a hacky way to do it using a custom badge query which queries one topic looking for 5 mentions of a user but that would be messy and very easy to game.

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I think you could do it with a custom badge as suggested. You’d target a single category and grant when a topic got likes from members of the irl group.

I think limiting the likes counted to members of the group might help keep it from getting gamed.