Badge Query SQL edit box is disabled until page is refreshed

I’ve enabled badge queries following this:

Now I see the “Badge Query (SQL)” edit box, but it’s read-only. I can’t copy/paste/edit, either for existing badges or new badges. What am I missing?

This may be a duplicate of Copy-Paste Locked Badge Query (SQL) For More Than Champion or Invitation, which was closed as solved, but I don’t think it was really a solution.

For the default badge queries, the badge SQL edit form is displayed, but disabled, when enable_badge_sql is set to true.

If you have been browsing your Admin / Badges page, and then click the ‘New’ button to create a new badge, the badge SQL edit form will be disabled until you refresh the page. Possibly this is a minor bug, but the issue can be solved with a full refresh of the page.


Thanks, refreshing the page did the trick.

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