Badges overflow from user card view

Hi everyone,

I have an issue with the alignment of a users badges.

Just one user that I’ve seen so far.

The +26 More overflows from their user card:

This occurs no matter where you view this users card (i.e. from a Topic view, from a Category view, etc).

Any thoughts?


No thought on the overflow except is does look like a bug.

I’m wondering why are your using the word “Award” in badges? It is redundant and it looks like a shorter badge name would reduce the probability of the overflow.


Possible. I’ll test this.

However, we do have some much longer badge names in place elsewhere and I don’t recall this being an issue before.

eg. " 2019 Mixed Theme Challenge Winner - Bronze"

Is there a preferred character limit to keep things working nicely?

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Confirmed - I just quickly renamed those two badges to test against this user:

No overflow.

Which leads me back to:


This appears to be a subtle UX issue we want to fix, I recommend you do some experimenting adding a letter at a time to a badge name to see where this thing collapses.