Banner topic not working for Android

When I put a banner topic its not working for android

I tried to put no another category, but is not working

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What do you see on Android when you create a banner topic? Is it the thin blue area from your screenshot?

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On IOS works, I dont know why… before was working fine

Can you try visiting the site in safe-mode to see if the banner is displayed on Android? When I test this on my own site, banner topics are displayed correctly on Android. It seems likely that the problem on your site is related to some CSS that has been added to your site’s theme.


In this case the whole experience is inside an app, do you know how can I test if the banner is working? There is an alternative for the web safe mode or something?

When I test on web with the staff profile the banner appears… nothings wrong, but inside the Android app all we see is the blue area :confused:

Is this for an app that you have developed?

yes! the community is inside an app