Best place(s) to link back to a non-forum homepage?

I tried searching but didn’t find any plain clear topic on this. Some people seem to want the main forum logo to go to a homepage. I know there are lots of different header/footer/nav theme components to try or otherwise custom HTML/CSS…

Is there no consensus or normal common place where forums prominently link to the main non-forum homepage of some organization that uses the forum??

There’s no single consensus. The most popular two options (aside from doing nothing) are to have a separate nav bar above the Discourse header, or to put a home link somewhere in the Discourse header (next to the logo or near the icons on the right).


Usually the best is the one that matches the design of your homepage.


I would love to see any links to show what others have done that they feel works well…

That sounds pretty good. How is that accomplished?

There’s this theme component.

There’s also the completely custom headers, like this one:


Is this still the only/easiest way?

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There are a lot of different ways, are you trying to put a link somewhere specific?