Best practices for nonprofit membership organizations

I only found one topic mentioning nonprofit but it wasn’t what I’m seeking. I’m posting here to see who else is using Discourse to manage a nonprofit association and the communications with/between members. There are many use cases that need a slightly different approach to succeed with this great tool. My goals are to:

  • learn if others are interested in these use cases and discussing them
  • learn how to do this at meta if the above is yes - not sure if it should be a new category. Or maybe a ‘Verticals’ or ‘Industries’ parent category - under which ‘nonprofit’ or ‘associations’ could develop (along with ‘real estate’, ‘clinics’ whatever makes sense to capture unique needs).

Looking forward to any thoughts or redirects to existing discussions I’m missing.


Hey David,
I don’t manage a nonprofit but I’ve worked as a consultant with many organisations that fall into that category.
At this point I don’t see the need for seperate categories – feel free to post here in #community and we can work through your questions/requirements.

What are your current challenges?


I’ve not yet been compiling a list of challenges for these membership association use cases. It was more about expectations/assumptions for a more generic online community (for example, email notices are seen as spam and should be limited) that do not actually apply in the use cases of association membership. So my challenge is when I suggest or ask about features I get a default reply based on the generic assumptions and I always need to climb things back to say something: well, in our type of community that is not the case…

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Unless there is a security requirement best practice dictates that we don’t sub-categorise.
I’d be happy to add a tag. Shall we give that a go?


Sounds like a great first step - assuming we needn’t wait for more interest for my first post. I will use this category and the added tag for all posts on this kind going forward. Thanks!


Just added a new topic but couldn’t see how to apply your new ‘nonprofit’ tag? Is the tagging to be done by Discourse staff only?

I believe that tags are tl3 and up. I added it to your topic, though it’s not entirely clear that the issues discussed there are applicable exclusively for non-profits.