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Hello Team,

I am planning to conduct quiz in my community as part of engagement initiative. For the same I would like to understand what’s the best way to conduct a quiz. Idea is to ask a question and offer multiple answers. User needs to click the answer which they feel is right and the response should get recorded. Post that would like to fetch that report to analyze and come out with winner details.

Please suggest how to move forward with this initiative. Would need some guidance on the same.


We used to do a weekly quiz. It was quite popular actually (which surprised me).

We used google forms for ours because that way only a staff member running the quiz could see the responses. We used forms instead of the polls available on Discourse because it looked better and was quicker to make. This was also before the time that polls got a bit of a revamp such as having the export button. I think nowadays we would be inclined to use the polling feature.


Hi Kaulin,

I would agree with @ondrej that the polls feature within Discourse would be the best way to conduct a quiz and then analyze the results. If you need some assistance setting up polls on your site, we have a How to Create Polls tutorial that will help guide you through this process.

Once your quizzes have been completed, you could then export the data from each poll into a .CSV file using the “Export” button, or use the Data Explorer to query Discourse directly for information about the poll results. For reference, Is it possible to see who voted in polls? has an example query for pulling data about your polls if you’re interested in using that option.


Thanks, @AlexDev & @ondrej for the help. I was able to test a dry run with the poll feature and worked fine with me. Thanks once again


TypeForm have a quiz template, which is pretty swish. It’s a paid service though, so might not be feasible for everyone.

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