Best way to customize the header?


(katherine) #1

I am looking to customize the header on my Discourse site. Specifically, I want to add another icon next to my logo that links to an external website. What is the best way to go about doing this?

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(Jeff Atwood) #2

To return back to the main site, or some other reason?

(katherine) #3

I’m using Discourse as a discussion forum for an online course, and I want to give participants an easy way to link back to our external website that has information like the schedule and syllabus.

(Grif Peterson) #4

I’ve run into the same issue and there seem to be three options:

  1. Include a link next to the Discourse logo in the top left that links out of Discourse to our course homepage (As @kamcc as recommended)
  2. Adding a banner below the header, which is doable but not ideal.
  3. Adding a horizontal category (alongside categories, latest, top, etc) that links to an external page. I’m not sure anybody has attempted this before either.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

This is pretty easy with the CSS header customizations.

  1. Go to /admin (use the wrench menu)

  2. Select customize

  3. Add a new customization

  4. Select Header

  5. Paste in a simple header, like

     <div id="top-navbar">
     <span id="top-navbar-links" style="height:20px;">
       <a href="">Home</a>
       <a href="">About</a>
       <a href="">News</a>
       <a href="">Products</a>
       <a href="">Blog</a>
       <a href="">Forums</a>
  6. Tick the “enabled” checkbox

  7. Save

You’ll see it above the header like this:

And when you scroll down…

And when you scroll up, it will come back.

Style to taste of course.

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(BDub) #6

Exactly what I needed next :wink: thanks.

If you have a wide screen, the forum naturally centers itself and the header @codinghorror suggested tends to hug the hard left of your window.

Looking at the forum CSS for the existing header, I figured out how to make a simple addition that will lock your new navigation header just over the top-left of the logo. You can also easily move it over towards the center more by changing the max-width value. I also added some pipes to visually separate it a bit. Obviously you could do way better with some real CSS, but this might be just good enough for what I need.

<div id="top-navbar" style="max-width:1110px;margin-right:auto;margin-left:auto;">
<span id="top-navbar-links" style="height:20px;">
  <a href="">Home</a> | 
  <a href="">About</a> | 
  <a href="">News</a> | 
  <a href="">Products</a> | 
  <a href="">Blog</a> | 
  <a href="">Forums</a>

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Pretty sure there is an easier way using existing classes there, I would not recommend hard coding sizes. Any recommendations @awesomerobot?

(BDub) #8

Thanks for keeping me honest :wink: I just copied the styles from the .container class. Since I’m not a web guy it didn’t occur to me that I should just try to apply the class="container" to that top div.

This will give the same output as my first post:

<div id="top-navbar" class="container">
<span id="top-navbar-links" style="height:20px;">
  <a href="">Home</a> | 
  <a href="">About</a> | 
  <a href="">News</a> | 
  <a href="">Products</a> | 
  <a href="">Blog</a> | 
  <a href="">Forums</a>

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Now you are cooking with :fire:

(TheLoneCuber) #12

I’ve made a minor header mod to my Discourse install and it’s causing grief the user profile pop-overs. Has anyone else come across this issue?

I’ve added an image into the header (standard header only, not mobile). But now the user profile pop-ups appear offset below the user profile thumbnail by the height of the new header image. In my case the header image is 400px high, so the user profile pop-ups pop up 400px below the user profile, which means they actually appear off-screen on smaller viewports.

I’m using the latest Discourse version 1.1.0.beta7.

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(Jon Kragh) #14

Will the header customizations work for the mobile site, or hamburger menu?

I would like to link to my main site from the mobile discourse site, someplace in the mobile header.

When I choose Header or top for mobile it doesn’t seem to take effect.


(Kane York) #15

It’s probably being hidden by the static header. Try opening a new tab and appending ?mobile_view=1 to the URL.

(Jon Kragh) #16

OK cool - is there a way to customize that and/or the hamburger menu so I can give users a link back to my main site?

(Kane York) #17

I was giving you directions to how you could see & tweak the CSS on your desktop without having to deploy the changes every time :neutral_face:

(Lincoln) #18

Hi @Jon_Kragh,

Mobile version of top and footer (including CSS) is working right now.

I’ve fixed it in Fix customize HTML/CSS only show desktop code by linc01n · Pull Request #3187 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Please upgrade your discourse to version later than (e9d5c5c).


(Matthieu) #19

I’m trying to customize our header but the result is not the same in the main page and the admin panel:

Here is the Header HTML:

<div style="background: #272727;">  

    <nav class="container" id="bar">
            <a href="" class="lang_sel_other">
              <img class="iclflag" src="" alt="en" title="English">
          <li> -</li>
            <a href="" class="lang_sel_sel">
              <img class="iclflag" src="" alt="fr" title="Français">


and CSS:

nav#bar ul { 
    text-align: right;
    margin: 0px;

nav#bar ul li { 
    display: inline-block;
    color: #f4f4f4;

nav#bar {
    height: 20px;

Why the CSS is not working in the admin panel ?

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(Joe Seyfried) #20

Because it gets automatically disabled. See CSS admin-contents reloaded or CSS Clearfix for `admin-contents` … There seems to be a growing number of people who find this annoying…

(Jeff Atwood) #21

Customizations are not supported from within /admin. This is by design. Otherwise the customizations could make it impossible to admin the site…

(Kane York) #22

We know that, but the removal of the customizations is, ah, a bit buggy, and it’s regressed. That’s what people are complaining about.

Primary is that color schemes can still make the admin interface unreadable, especially without a pointer device.

(Matthieu) #23

Ok I understand, I modified the HTML to not use list so the missing CSS is less annoying.

Yet, why still keeping the custom header HTML in the admin ? It would be more coherent to ignore it also i.e. no modification of the admin page period.

Also, as a dummy user, it would have been really useful to have a note in the customization panel to explain the customization will not work properly on the admin page. I spent quite some time trying to figure out why the CSS was not working …

For example:

Modify CSS stylesheets and HTML headers on the site. Add a customization to start.
/!\ This customization will not affect the admin interface. This is by design. Otherwise the customizations could make it impossible to admin the site.