Best Way to Revoke New Discussion Privileges

Is there a clean, easy way to revoke a user’s ability to post new discussions?

I know there’s the Silence option but that removes commenting abilities too which I’d like to keep.

Currently the best thing I’ve found is to lock a member to Trust Level 0 but this isn’t ideal. I still want the person to be able to send private messages and have other TL1+ functionality, but I don’t think it’s possible to enable PMs for TL0 members.

Any recommendations on the best way to do this would be appreciated. Thanks!

Commenting is posting replies so I am not following. Oh wait do you mean start new topics versus reply to topics?

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Yep, exactly. Want to let people to post on existing topics without having the ability to start/create new topics.

Could this be handled as see/reply permissions within a category?

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Throw them in a group which doesn’t have the ‘create’ permission in the categories they can access.

Put everyone else in a group which does.

It’s some permissions work on each category, but assuming you have another user you need to do this with in the future it will only need the group membership to be applied.

You would need to automatically place all new users in the second group too, which could be a lot of work if you’ve no IDM or SSO managing your users.


Helpful, thank you! I think that’s a better solution.

Guessing if someone belongs to both groups A and B and group A only has view permission on a category and group B has full permissions including posting new topics for the category than the member inherits the full permissions?

We have a lot of groups members are a part of so will probably my have to remove a member from all groups except the special group which restricts their permissions if that is how permissions get inherited.

Thanks for the help!

Groups add permissions, not remove them. If a user is a member of a group that has a permission to do something, then they have that permission.

If group A has read only permission in a category and group B has create topic permission, any member of group B will have create permission regardless of other groups they may be a member of.

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You are right, for some reason the settings of the test category that I used got messed up and didn’t let me change permissions correctly due to problems with a subcategory … that doesn’t exist.
I’m going to delete the previous post and fix my test site :roll_eyes: