Big CPU usage (600%)?

Hello, I need help with this topic. I have installed telegram-notification plugin and the same plugin with Discord. I faced with hight CPU usage (600%) 5 days ago, when i published article and people started to write comments.
What shoul i do?

This is Error Logs: I dont understand how to read this stuff :joy::sob:

Now it looks like:

Hi @Pavel_Simanov :slightly_smiling_face:

Iโ€™ve moved your post over to the Telegram Plugin topic to see if that can put it in front of the right people. :+1: Are you sure your issue is with this particular plugin, or would you prefer a separate #support topic to explore the issue a bit more?

Hello JammyDodger, thank you! I`m not sure that this is a problem of telegram plugin. I wrote here, cause i didnโ€™t find topic of CPU usage problem.

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Okay, letโ€™s split this off into its own #support topic and see if that can get some more eyes on it for you. :+1:

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Pg is having trouble cleaning up, recommend rebooting the machine