Boolean site settings undefined

(Kgish) #1

For some weird reason, certain site settings are coming out as undefined where I use the following call from within my plugin:

var siteSettings = api.container.lookup('site-settings:main');
console.log(siteSettings.myplugin_popup_permalink); // => undefined!

I’ve checked and double-checked (and even triple-checked) the syntax in my setting.yml file and everything looks just fine.

    default: false
    client: false

Is there something obvious that I’ve overlooked or a known bug for this?

Thanks in advance for the help.

(Robin Ward) #2

You’ve set client: false which means the site setting is not available in the client (Ember) app.

(Kgish) #3

Jeez, I must look pretty stupid. I thought that that was the default value for the client, not whethet or not it’s available for the client. Wrong! Thanks for setting me on the right path again.

(Robin Ward) #4