Bootstrap does not appear to be working

The message

To make launching your new site easier, you are in bootstrap mode. All new users will be granted trust level 1 and have daily email summary emails enabled. This will be automatically turned off when 50 users have joined.

is displayed at the top of my site, which I have configured to require signup approval, and new users are still starting out with trust level 0, meaning no one can post on a site with no posts to read to get promoted to tl1. Is it possible that I have changed a setting that is interfering with bootstrap mode?

Can you check your default trust level site setting? When bootstrap mode is first enabled, this setting gets updated to Trust Level 1. When bootstrap mode is disabled by the system, the setting gets reverted to Trust Level 0. If the default trust level site setting is changed by an admin from Trust Level 1 to Trust Level 0 when bootstrap mode is enabled, new users will be granted Trust Level 0 instead of Trust Level 1.

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Yes, default trust level is set to 0. I only remember that ever being set to that, and I left it alone because of the warning against changing it, and I assumed that bootstrap mode overrode that under the hood.

So to clarify, I need to change that to 1, and then when the requirements to disable bootstrap mode are met, it will set it back to 0?

Yes, if you change the default trust level site setting to 1, Discourse will revert the setting to 0 when it takes your site out of bootstrap mode.


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