Bottom banner on mobile

Suddenly i see this bottom banner on mobile. What is this thing actually called in settings? How do i get rid of it? It only appears in some browsers, not in all of them.

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Hopefully you can’t :wink: It is the only toolbox to logout, get an url or go back in history.

Well i don’t see it in most browsers, and i think it is not very useful.


This footer navigation is only appears on iPhone DiscourseHub and PWA (without the arrow down button) app. It is useful eg.: if you added more site to the DiscourseHub app then you can close the site with the arrow down button and go back to the added sites list so you don’t have to close the app to switch between sites. The rest buttons performs clear action. There is also an iPad version the difference is, on iPad this footer nav is on the top.

You can hide it with adding this to a theme component :arrow_down_small:

Mobile / CSS

body:not(.footer-nav-ipad) .footer-nav {
  display: none;

Great! Thank you very much!

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