Broken image after brand header component upgrade

After upgrading Brand Header theme component, the image that contained our logo is now a 404 not found.

The URL resembles:

Most of the searching seems to indicate an issue with migrations, in this instance we are simply working through the recommended upgrades in the Admin panel / docker all on the same server.

I did see some indications there may be a mechanism for deleting images automatically and our logo file may have been removed because the clean up mechanism thought it was unused.

From my searches I have tried various rake commands to no avail.


  1. Is there a way to recover the image?
  2. How do I re-upload the image to brand header component? There does not seem to be an upload function.
  3. How do we prevent the image from being auto removed in the future?


Found the image in


I have re uploaded it via the Themes → Upload

Hopefully that keeps the image in place in the future. Seems like a potential bug in Brand Header Component.

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