Broken image on local onebox content

I’ve noticed this as an issue for a while now, but have mostly ignored it until now.

When using onebox to display local content (such as another post within the forum), there is a broken image shown next to the title:

I think I can even demonstrate this here:

The html for the image is:

<img src="" class="thumbnail" height="" width="">

Any ideas?

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@techapj can you have a look?

I am not able to repro this issue on try or here on meta.

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Can you not see the issue in the post above? I’m literally seeing the broken image right now here on meta.

That’s from an external site,

But this does work here (internal)

External (SitePoint)

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That external link has a broken image.

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Okay, I can repro this on latest Firefox. Looking into it now.


Fixed :ant: