Browser upgrade fails when discourse is configured to use one unicorn worker

Linked to the posts here where it was suggested this may be a bug.


Let me redo my response here:

This seems like a bug, especially as the system cuts down to a single unicorn temporarily very shortly afterwards.

The number 2 is hardcoded, as is the number 1 for the reduction.

Edit: looks like this change introduced the inconsistency

Thanks for the new thread.

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Yeah I just don’t think we can support this, the bug fix here will be simply to make it impossible to happen, not fix the upgrade code.


Make what impossible? Setting a single unicorn? And yet such a setup worked better for the OP, until the upgrade.

And because the upgrade drops the number of unicorns to 1, it seems clear to me that 1 unicorn is enough at the time of an upgrade.

Have you looked at the history of this bit of code?

No just make it impossible to upgrade via the ui if you only have 1 unicorn

Force you to rebuild from console, memory is too constrained anyway


Fair enough - I’ve resorted to always using the console these days, on my memory-limited instances.