Build secret text plugin

What would you like done?
Hello, i need a plugin can save , secret text, only admin and that user see that text
When do you need it done?
As soon as possible
What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
Can i budget 100USD?
Thank you!

If you mean a topic, there is already a free official encryption plugin to create encrypted topics.


No, only input secret content between user and admin, example numberphone but i don’t know moderator and other user see it

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You can use a custom user field that is visible only to staff and the user.

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Custom topic field!? Because every topic will have a secret text different

I sometimes wish there were a way to whisper to the OP, which maybe addresses the need expressed here. That said, I find whispers to be overwhelming even for staff as it works now (sometimes the whispers take over, and we then forget to whisper our reply etc) so am not so sure it would be a good idea to expose users to the functionality.

@huynhthai824 could you not just use flag -> send PM to this user to communicate privately about a post in a forum topic? This is what we do… works nicely because a link is provided on the post menu so we can refer to it on an ongoing basis.


I want to this infomation( number phone) show direct on this topic, not search in messenger. Phone number is a field of topic and it’s show for every topic.

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If it’s a phone number, then I don’t understand why it would be different for every topic. If you really need a custom topic field that’s visible only to the poster and staff you’re looking at a $500 - $1000 plugin, I’d guess.


You could also use staff notes. Only staff can see them, and can contain whatever you want. Handy popup (still with that jarringly old school pen and paper icon!) directly next to each user avatar and in the user card that pops up when you select the avatar.

Or a custom user field only visible to staff and the user, and editable via user preferences. You could get someone to provide a theme component maybe to display that on the user card or next to user name in discussions.

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Default only poster and administrator can be see it!

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Does the user always have the same phone number or does it change for every topic?

If it could be in a user custom field and then it would be much easier to display it for staff. If it’s different for every topic then it’s more difficult. And if it’s in the user profile, then there’s no reason to display it for the user.

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Same events plugin But here is number phone, it change for every topic. And every topic poster input phone different

This is a very common feature for support forums.

Users ask for help, community responds, staff ask for more sensitive information such as admin credentials and the user can supply these within the topic but they aren’t visible to anyone else.

We’ve had other requests for this recently including one community who migrated then later realised that their secure posts within topics were public.


Not support forums. Number phone is a part of topic, it is attached to the post, not the user ,And it should be hide.

Number phone


But this part only view for poster (Moderator poster) and administrator, not display for other moderator and other poster normal.

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