Building open peer to peer communities to improve learning

For the past 9 years I have been looking at how communities can be leveraged as a tool for learning complex skills. This started during university where I hardly attended lectures but used peer to peer (course mate to course mate) interactions to learn course materials. Back then I didn’t know this was what it was called, I just knew learning from lectures was hard and confusing.

After fully diving into this last year, doing extensive research and experiments, the project seems to be coming together bit by bit. Although my work on this is still in its early stages and most of my thoughts and processes aren’t fully formed, here is something I wrote to share this work with whoever else maybe interested in it.

Where I am now is using open source principles, peer to peer interactions, social impact projects and mental models, I have seen people can learn complex skills fast while keeping costs low and allowing the learner to have agency (self-direction).

Here is a link to the post, I’d love to hear our thoughts if we read it.