Bulk Action on Users

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Please can I request the option to perform a bulk action on users for these

Thank you


This topic should help. It covers a lot. Can you be more specific over what you need and there is a lot of permissions on that image.

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from the admin control panel, being able to select multiple users and doing one or more of the following:

  • Deactivating their account
  • Grant Admin
  • Grant Moderator
  • Lock Trust Level
  • Suspend a user
  • Silence a user
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  • Setting Trust Level

(This would be great for those cases where we don’t want to go to the level of moderator but do want to give leader/content editing role.)

Example Case:

I have users in a group, and then changed the group setting so that anyone added would be given a higher TL, assuming that it would grant it to those already added, but it didn’t - so am now going through user-by-user to change this for all members of the group.

I suppose this particular case could also be resolved by having group settings that act on users who are already members, and not only those who are newly added. I’m assuming that other group settings, like notifications, are applied to existing members.


I support this feature, being able to perform bulk actions on users would make administration easier.