Bulk changing topic ownership in Admin


I want want to merge two accounts: A with old posts to B, new account with new posts.

As I don’t think there is a “merge” option I will follow a suggestion I have read to move all the posts from A to B and delete A account.

Now, there are over 50 posts, is there a way to bulk move them all logged in as Admin without having to run a command?



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No bulk option in the admin - you would have to go post by post.

This works best for multiple posts:


Thanks, I saw that post while searching earlier on.
I am still thinking the “vBulletin way” and looking for options that are not in Discourse. I’ll eventually get into this…

Any chance that this (changing topic ownership) will be added as a bulk action?

Just to be clear: currently, what you need to do to change the owner multiple topics is:

  1. Open the topic
  2. Click on the … for access to the :wrench: icon
  3. Click on the :wrench:
  4. Click on “Change Ownership”
  5. Enter the username of the new owner
  6. Click “Change owenership”
  7. Navigate back to the topic list
  8. Goto 1