Bulk file uploads (for migration)

(Anders) #1

We almost managed to migrate from Vanilla to discourse. Unfortunately the migration script didn’t handle attachments.

Manually uploading all files and creating a “here is a list of all old attachments”-post with links to the documents would be an acceptable, albeit not very elegant solution, in our particual case. Is there any beter way?

Our naive approach, puting all files in an uploads/oldforum directory and creating links to them in a post, only works for images. Other files types can’t be accessed (“The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private.”). Why? and is there any way around this?

Manually added files in uploads folder are giving 404
(Kane York) #2

Have you tried adding their extensions to the authorized extensions list?

(Anders) #3

Yes, they are all listed in the “authorized extensions” list.