BunnyCDN storage for automatic backups


Currently, I see there’s a way to set up automatic backup uploads to S3. Is there any way to set up the same for Bunny CDN storage?


Hi @riteshsaini

Unfortunately, no. There is no existing implementation for Bunnycdn storage. From what I understand they have a custom API which is not compatible with S3 so it is not possible to use their storage unless someone makes a custom plugin that does this.

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There should be an implementation for BunnyCDN or other storage services like Backblaze because not everyone is comfortable to set up or afford S3 :slight_smile:

Backblaze is S3 compatible & well documented on how to use with discourse

If You feel like BunnyCDN Storage should be an option, You can either create one Yourself or hire someone in #marketplace to do that for a fee.


There are several supported S3 alternatives: Using Object Storage for Uploads (S3 & Clones)

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