Calculate real number of votes from Poll percentages

Hey, we use the Poll Builder to conduct Polls in the Forum. The Poll is usually displayed with percentages for every option and the number of total votes that voted in the Poll.
I would like to know how the Builder is “rounding” votes into percentages displayed.

So say we require an option to receive 50 votes, 87 total votes are cast, and i get
Option 1: 57%
Option 2: 43%
How many votes have been casted for option 1?

Calculating (87 * 0,57) tells me 49.59 votes - can I be sure it is 49 votes for option one, or could it also already be 50 votes?
Because 50/87 would result in 57,47% and likely also be displayed as 50% in the Poll.
While 49/87 gives 56.32%

So basically - has anyone the exact rules for rounding calculations of the Poll builder?

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I think it uses the largest remainder method to round up to 100%

So option 1 had 49 or 50 votes
50/87 gives 57.47%
49/87 gives 56.32%

and option 2 had 37 or 38 votes
38/87 gives 43.67%
37/87 gives 42.52%

as 0.52>0.47 50-37 is possible 42.52% would have been rounded up to 43%
as 0.67>0.32 49-38 would have given 56%-44%

In more complicated setup best way to be sure might be to use the data explorer though.


Thanks a lot. That’s what I thought, but good to have it clarified.


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