Can Discourse prompt new users to create their first topic?

Is it possible to have Discourse prompt new users to create their first topic?

…maybe as a part of the new user tour? (But my experience is that most users don’t follow that.)

…maybe as a banner, or some other hint, that would encourage them to create a new topic? I’m imagining a category where I want to encourage new users to post why they joined the community, so that our staff can respond and begin engaging with them right away.

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Why not indicate that in the site-wide pinned banner, or the welcome PM that goes out to all new users? In either (or both) of those places you could link to the “introduce yourself” topic and invite them to respond by clicking on said link.

It is also possible to make a link that goes to the topic and pops the reply composer if you really want them to start composing a reply immediately.


…I’m in a Discourse based online course. Their [im guessing] SSO provider asked me a question as part of my signing up and providing payment. When I logged in, I already had my first topic in a special category. I was welcomed and interacting with the community the instant I walked in the door. I’m using Memberful as the membership/SSO provider and it can’t do that. :frowning:

I’d thought of pinning a message with a link to the new-topic form in a particular category… that’s probably the best I can get without the SSO doing it via API.

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