Can I add a banner only on my homepage?

I want to add a banner on my homepage, not by using the banner topic , because I want to add background image, text, or button.

I followed this topic tried put the first part code into my </head> then add the rest part to After Header tab, but there is not effect. am I doing something wrong? can I add a customer banner or 2 banners just on my homepage?

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Yes, you may do something wrong but we cant know that because you didnt show any additional info.

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this is the code I added in my After Header

<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="/connectors/below-site-header/custom- 
   {{#if displayCustomHomepage}} 
    <div class="custom-homepage-wrapper wrap">
       <h1>I am John Doe</h1>
       <p>And I'm a Photographer</p>

if I just add <h1>I am John Doe</h1> <p>And I'm a Photographer</p>
it shows on the top, but not just homepage, it shows every page

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Please, use the search function before posting.

Incidentally, the Versatile Banner has also the function you need.


You can also check out this link (which is contained in the topic of Daniela’s link above).

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All the code goes in the section not in the after header