Can I customize the welcome message shown when creating a new topic based on the chosen tag or category?

Is it possible to customize the “Welcome” message on the right of the dialog that you see when you create a new Topic so that the text changes based on what category (or possibly tag) someone selects with their post? For example: if someone selects “Mobile” as a category, could I customize the text on the right to remind the Community member to include what OS they’re using with their mobile device? Thanks!

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You can Customize all text in Discourse.

No you can’t that way, because wellcome is same to everyone everywhere.

But could this help:

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I’m not sure that Discourse Templates would help here as it requires a user to actively select a pre-existing template whereas I understand what is needed here is to provide immediate feedback to the user once a category is chosen for their new topic.

To conditionally replace the text that shows up on the right, I think it’d require implementing a theme-component or similar.

One option would be to use the built in “Topic Templates” feature for the category, to pre-fill the composer with some text to fill in or replace: What are Topic Templates?


Yes, I was looking to provide immediate feedback to the user once they select a category for their new topic. I’ll look into the Topic Templates and see what we can do with them. Thanks a lot!

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