Can I download a user database and sort by time viewed?

I notice that Discourse tracks posts viewed and time viewed.

We are looking to use Discourse as a product support community, where you are given an account on product registration, with SSO to eliminate the pesky registration step

I’d really like to capture lurker data to see if a lurker performs better than someone who has never viewed the forum, and also compare them against active forum users.

While I expect this to be a lot of manual work on my behalf initially, I’d still like to capture that if I can. Is that possible?


Discourse doesn’t collect data from anonymous (not logged in) users in a granular way but you can plug in your Google Analytics UA code and track their movement through your site.


From what I am understanding of our implementation, users will automatically be logged on. So this part shouldn’t be a problem, since any triallist will automatically have credentials and authentication.

Of course this will not work if they are finding the community through non-standard avenues (google search, etc) but the links we control to the community automatically log you in.


As you are new to the forums, I wanted to point out:

That may allow you to skip downloading your database. :slight_smile: