Can I reset all Meta settings? Without deleting members?

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Well, I have several bugs in my forum, and I already tried a solution but I can’t, so I want to configure my forum from scratch, is there any way I can reset the settings?

In your admin panel, go to Settings then click “Ony show overridden” and click on the resets buttons next to each setting.


By any chance, is there any way to reset that the same installation screen appears when we install for the first time?

You can go to to run the wizard again.

Replace with your community url


But in the case of a reset the same when resetting a smartphone, is there something similar?

Your might describe your problem to get help.

But you can do something like this

cd /var/discourse 
rm - rf shared
./launcher rebuild app 

That will delete the database and create a new one just like it was when you first installed it.

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That would exclude the members too right?

That would remove pretty much all the content of your forum.

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That’s what I think the request was. It will delete all users. All content. But not change plugins or mail config.

It’s “the same as resetting a smart phone.”

is there an option to reset all settings but leave members?

It sounds like your issue is theme components, not settings. You can disable all of those. That’s what you want to do. Then add them back one by one to see that they work as you expect.

The discourse code you’re running is in /var/www/discourse inside the container, but you really don’t want to change anything there.