Can I use some of the help content from the meta site

Hi all,

I’m starting a new community and want to use some of the “how to” docs and help content that is available on the discourse site to pre-populate some of the things that people will definitely ask about. I’m thinking of things like the “Discourse New User Guide” and a few of the other great docs.

I’m perfectly happy tagging them and giving full credit to their authors but I’m hoping people won’t need to leave the new community to go and get their info direct from the discourse site.

Also, assuming (I know I should never ‘ass u me’) that I can legally use some of the content, what is the easiest way to get it copied to the new site?

All help is certainly appreciated.



I think that the answer is “yes”, but I was not able to confirm that in what seemed like a reasonable amount of time by looking at Terms of Service - Discourse Meta and FAQ - Discourse Meta. I expect that @hawk will weigh in soon.


Thanks, Jay.

Assuming you are correct and I can use some of the content, what is the best way to copy it to my site? I am on a hosted instance.


The Discourse New User Guide has this tip at the end on how to copy it to your site:

(and you can use the ‘raw’ version of an address for any post :+1:)


Yup yup! Jay is very correct :slightly_smiling_face:

Where you able to make the copy?

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Yes, this worked wonderfully. Thanks very much.


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