Can the in-app toolbar be made shorter?

Nah you’re good

I think both are valid asks, but obviously not exactly a perfect pairing :laughing:

I know @sam has strong feelings on this topic.

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We emulate safari mobile height here, I can see us slightly adjusting hit areas if we are deviating from what safari does, but if you really want it shrinked for your site you will need to use a theme component and will end up having an inconsistently behaving app


Plus, I’d normally expect an app dedicated to one purpose to be sleeker than Safari, of all things.

I know this seems nitpicky, but it really is distracting :stuck_out_tongue:

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Gigantic is a strong word there, but yeah I see no reason why we should not match the exact same height Safari has, luckily we don’t need a full app release to change this. Looks to me like we are about 5px off. @pmusaraj can sort this out this week.

Note, you got to live with this for a while, I have not seen people line up complaining about how the “topic progress” used to overlap with the black line, or how topic progress always used to render underneath the nav good old SVC, or headers half rendering. What we have now has a level of polish the app never had. Part of the outcry here is the cheese got moved and cheese is in a new place :wink:


My personal “cheese” is that I just downloaded this today and my initial impression was “wow that’s huge”

Nothing more

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I think I’ve addressed both issues in this commit: the bar is shorter now, and the hit area for each button is larger.

And because this is all CSS in Discourse, it’s all live here on meta already.


Didn’t even have to do anything myself

Dang, thanks a ton


now that’s service! :trophy:

thanks so much!