Free up more space in the mobile chat view

In topics, scrolling down frees up space for content. Is it possible to do the same for a chat to increase the space for content by 35-40%?

That’s the browser UI, we have no control over it. As a user you can install he PWA version of the website to get more screen real state, as it will remove both the top and bottom browser parts, all the time.

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Yes, but it works in topics!

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I follow… this is an interesting one @joffreyjaffeux and one that is incredibly hard to workaround.

To work around this issue we would somehow have to scroll the entire view and keep the composer overlayed on top of the content. Its a radical change to how we are positioning stuff and we had to work very hard to get stuff to behave properly on iPads and iPhones.

Thanks for raising it @volanar, I am just not sure there is any easy fix here. The workaround of using a PWA or DiscourseHub is the only one I can think of in the very near future.


Thanks for the answer, it’s not critical and it will be solved in the future. Now it may be worth making this distance equal to zero

This will allow you to increase the space for content on the screen by 5-10%

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That space is used to show when someone’s typing

Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 10.26.26 AM


Will the user experience worsen if this is moved up?


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Generally yes because it is opposite what all others do. And are all others following the best UX is the big question :wink: (like we should have menus at the bottom of page, not at top, in the name of good UX)