Can the period stats use custom time frames to not be limited to only the most recent period?

In another Discourse forum I am trying to get the devotee badge (logged in 365 consecutive days). I have had 364 days showing for a while now, and I have no idea how to find out when that missing day is (is it tomorrow or is it 8 months away?). The only thing I can know for sure is that it isn’t within the last quarter. This is an example of the stats link I am talking about:

There I can change the period to Year, Quarter, Month, Week, or Today. It will then show us how many days we’ve visited in that period. The problem is that it only has an option for the most recent period. So there is no way to narrow down the missing day in the first 3 quarters of the last year, or the first 11 months, or the first 51 weeks. Only the last one.

Is there anyway we can manually type in a custom period or ending to view stats within a custom time period? For example, something like:

Where the month or time period is appended to the end to specify something other than the most recent period? I know “reports” are accessible to mods, but that doesn’t help the 99% of us who are not mods and don’t have that access to figure out how close we are to getting a certain badge or whatever.

If it’s possible to search stats for a different period other than the most recent periods I’d really appreciate some input on how to do that. :slight_smile:

Use the Data Explorer Plugin and you can get whatever days you want.

Ah yes, if I was the Admin of the forum I would do this…thanks for sharing, it really looks like a great plugin and I do have moderate SQL experience.

Unfortunately, I am not the admin, can’t install plugins or access the backend or reports. That’s why I was hoping there was a way to do it from that link page.

Sorry. I have a bad habit of treating #feature as #support.

But if you could get the admin to install it, it’s also possible to have them create queries that non-staff can run themselves.

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I didn’t realize they could allow limited access to a specific query like this. This is actually a really great suggestion. I think I will run it up to the admin and see what he thinks…since there are a bunch of us trying to figure out how close we are to getting the devotee badge. Thanks for adding that idea, it is very helpful!

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Great! Glad they helped. With a bit of work they can make a query that will let you choose what user you’re looking for.

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