Custom time period in Dashboard

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Currently the stats are only available for fixed time periods:

Is there any plan to support custom time period? For example, I want the pv and uv from April to September on my forum. However, the data is not available in the current dashboard.


This has been requested many times now, I think I will do it @sam


@joffreyjaffeux Thanks for the prompt reply! I found that in the Reports page I can select time range per my request:

Yes there are plenty of solutions, you can also export reports, write your own data explorer query, …

But you request was referring to what we call “period-chooser”, and yes maybe we should have an arbitrary choice here.


That would be awesome! If so people can easily get what they need right in the Dashboard page. :slight_smile:

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@joffreyjaffeux @sam


I’m the Community Manager for TestRail and had a similar requirement to fetch a report for a custom period from the discussion forum. Is this feature still in progress or do you have any workaround?

My exact requirement is to filter the top posts for a month. (Dec 1, 2021- Dec 31,2021)

I did look at implementing this some times ago, and this is sadly a way bigger change than I anticipated. The frontend part could be a reasonable amount of work, however the named periods are deeply used in backend, with even database columns named after the periods. This is due to the fact that this is an heavy computation.

While I would agree this would be a nice feature, I think this is too much work ATM.

Concerning a workaround for your case @ShanuM you can use:

I will think of solution tomorrow, which could be a custom report, or maybe some custom code in TopTopic to allow this. Will update by the end of the day tomorrow.

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Thank you so much for your response. Will check the workaround you suggested and update you.