Can you change (or remove) hamburger menu icon?

Hi all, we have a hamburger menu already on the site that we are SSO-ing discourse with, and it’s pretty confusing to have two!

Could anyone help with script or code for changing the hamburger menu, to a different fa-icon. I know that the one used at the moment is fa-bars, but despite my best valiant efforts I have been unable to work out how to change it to something else.

Alternatively, removing the hamburger menu for our users (and not admins) might be an option, but I might have to ask about that separately!

Thanks in advance for your help.

Sure, you can use the following CSS to change the font awesome icon of the Discourse hamburger menu:

.header-dropdown-toggle .fa-bars:before {
    content: "\f141"; // font awesome code for horizontal ellipsis

That is awesome! Thank you.

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Changing an icon globally is very simple using APIs