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I’ve noticed an issue we have on the use of canned replies. When you place the mouse over the individual canned reply, it is highlighted, unfortunately, this appears to be using the same colour as that of the characters, making it unreadable.

I’ve been poking around with Chrome’s Inspect feature and I believe the CSS class in question is : canned-reply-title

What I am uncertain of is how I can see what is within this specific class, as it doesn’t appear to be displayed in the Inspect feature, but if you remove it, the highlighting no longer occurs.

Any help would be appreciated.




(Joe) #4

Hi Rob, thanks for reporting!

This is fixed via:

Canned replies will now use the normal highlight color. It would look like this on the dark theme:

And like this on the light theme:

The reason you don’t see the styles is because you need the element to be hovered for them to show in devtools.

You can simulate hovering the element by right clicking on it in the tree and go to force state then hover.

Like so:

You will then see the hover styles applied to the element, like so:


(Rob Meade) #6

Hi Joe,

Thank you so much for such a prompt response, fix and explanation! :slight_smile:

I did try clicking on an option near the top of the dev tools which suggested it would force a hover action, but it didn’t seem to do anything, so the thing regarding the right-click is really useful also.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Last question, any rough idea on when this may be applied to our hosted solution? (

Thanks in advance,


(Joe) #7

You’re most welcome Rob.

It should be in within the next few hours.

However, I’ve also manually added it to your theme until the fix is deployed on your site. So you should be good to go now.

(Rob Meade) #8

That’s awesome, thanks Joe, really appreciated :slight_smile:

Looks fab by the way, just had a play! :slight_smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Can you eliminate the HR line between canned replies while we are at it? They seem unnecessary to me.

(Joe) #10


Done via:


(Kane York) #11

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