Cannot activate new account

I installed Discourse using the launcher at I kept the configuration from samples/standalone.yml almost unchanged, except that I had to change the port 80 because there is an apache running on the host. That apache is now set up to act as reverse proxy, forwarding requests to localhost:8088, which is the port that I bound the Discourse container to.
The admin interface says I am on Discourse version

Stuff seems to basically work, I can create an account and create topics etc. However, activating an account does not work: Pressing the button on the confirmation page has no effect. (How did I log in to create a topic, you may wonder? I used the “Forgot Password” functionality.) This is with Firefox 42. The JS error console shows

15:32:40.704 ReferenceError: $ is not defined1 vendor-5939aced2df07b0bcc1c101662121c68.js:1:285

You should update to latest, there was a about that issue (it’s the commit right next to the one you’re at)

Indeed, ./launcher rebuild did it. Thanks!

Now I wonder, can I somehow make it track a stable branch rather than the current development branch?

Just change the version you’re tracking in the app.yml file to “stable” for example

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Can I somehow mark this bug as fixed?