Cannot call get with undefined key / Post.get is not a function

(Ivan) #1

On my local machine I am using the latest version of Discourse. When I attempt to add a reply within a topic, I get the following error message:

The post.get error occurs in this bit of code:

I did a console.log(post) to see what it contained and the result was an object that has a post number of (...) . EDIT: Clicking on (…) yielded 1.

Additionally, when I try to add a New Topic (within the pipeline or in a topic), I get the error:

Would anyone know how to rectify this? Thanks!

(Régis Hanol) #2

Are you sure post is an Ember object? Have you tried post.post_number?

(Ivan) #3

Isolated it down to something in two of our plugins, both of which reopen the composer controller.