Cannot mount the "post-avatar" on the "topic-above-post-stream" plugin outlet

After going through this guide " Beginner’s guide to developing Discourse Themes , I tried mounting the post-avatar widget on the “topic-above-post-stream” plugin outlet on the post page and it did not show up on the page

Below is the code I added

<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="/connectors/topic-above-post-stream/post-page">
    <div class="post-detail">
      {{mount-widget widget="post-avatar"}}

Am I missing something?

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You’re likely missing attributes that the widget requires to show… for example, how does it know which user you want to show the avatar for in this context?

Looking at the original widget here:

it expects:

  • template
  • username
  • name
  • url

So you’d have to get the data you want into your plugin outlet, then pass it to the widget… something like

{{mount-widget widget="post-avatar" args=(hash username=this.username)}}

that said… what are you trying to achieve more specifically? if you just want to show an avatar, using the avatar helper might be a better way to go… that would look like:

{{avatar user imageSize="large"}}

in this case you’d still need to ensure user is present, because this is how it knows which user to display


Hi @awesomerobot

Thank you for your response,

I intend on displaying the user avatar above the text of each post on the post page. However I have been unable to get the user data I need into to the “topic-above-post-stream” plugin outlet. Therefore after adding the code below in the common/head_tag.html file a trash icon is displayed on the “topic-above-post-stream” plugin outlet.

<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="/connectors/topic-above-post-stream/custom-post-page">
    <div class="post-detail header">
      {{mount-widget widget="post-avatar" args=(hash username=this.username)}}