Cannot search inside a topic with a colon included

Our forum has several long topics and frequently need to search within that topic. I have several things I search for that include a colon. The search won’t let me search for items with a colon inside the topic.


We have a Video Games thread, and a title is “Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song”. If I go to the thread and type that in, I do not get a choice of searching the thread, only the whole forum. If I take out the colon, I get no results.



I have just discovered that if “in this topic” is already selected, it WILL allow me to search with the colon


Is this correct behavior? Will I always have to do a preliminary search and get the “in this topic” prompt before I search for the whole title?

Thanks for any help.


No one with any tips or tricks?

I think I see what you mean. When you’re in the topic and you cut and paste the title into the search it no longer offers the ‘in this topic’ option, and if you type it manually it offers it only until it gets to the colon (which then triggers the in:pinned/in:messages/etc shortcuts).

However it worked fine when I clicked ‘in this topic’ first and then pasted or typed the title in.

I’m not sure I’m following this bit? You would need to navigate to the right topic first to be able to add the ‘in this topic’ filter to the search, but my step-by-step would be:

  • Navigate to the topic I want to search
  • Click Search icon
  • Click ‘in this topic’
  • Paste or type my query in
  • Search

Is there something I’m missing?


Yep, and it’s my fault. I almost always have something in the search field. So when I go to a topic and click on ‘search’, my previous search is already there, so I don’t get the “search this topic” UNLESS I delete that previous search. I usually just start typing my new search, but now I see that I need to delete that previous search to get the correct prompt.



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