Cannot select "Hide Details" when highlighted text overlaps with button (iPhone)

When you highlight text over many lines, it can interfere with the menu option “Hide Details”. This happens when the highlighted text is at the same position as the button itself. For some reason, tapping the button acts as if you’re tapping the highlighted text, even though the button is on top visually. As a result, it shows the iPhone copy/paste buttons instead of actually doing the “Hide Details” action. The same thing happens with “Blur Spoiler” and presumably any other buttons from that menu (though really only those two are relevant when highlighting text).

Just wanted to make sure this report was seen. It seems to still be happening.

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I’m not sure there is anything we can do here, the highlighted text needs to stay highlighted so the action can apply to it. FWIW, I also noticed that double tapping on “Hide Details” works.

But shouldn’t the menu options be in front of the highlighted text (z-index?) such that tapping interacts with the menu and not the text?