Can't always select any category in composer


There are some scenarios when working in the composer to create a new topic, I can’t choose from all the available categories. They seem to be restricted, based on where I am when I start the “create new topic” process.

Expected Behavior (control case)

  1. Click the :heavy_plus_sign: New Topic button on the main site home page.
  2. The composer window appears. Any category for which I have permission to post appears in the drop-down list.

Actual Behavior (problem case 1)

  1. Go to a random topic such as Secure Media Uploads and click the :link: button then :heavy_plus_sign: New Message to fork the topic.
  2. The composer window appears, but only categories #feature and #uncategorized are available.

Actual Behavior (problem case 2)

  1. Go to a category listing page with subcategories, such as #plugin.
  2. Click the :heavy_plus_sign: New Message button to start a new topic.
  3. The composer window appears, but only the current category and subcategories, e.g., #plugin and #plugin:broken-plugin, are available.

Our default behavior is to scope the composer to the current category, all other categories are searchable, some previous discussion here:


There might be a regression with search though, writing a test and fixing it.


This might be why I haven’t noticed it until lately; I would always type out the category I want rather than scroll.

Thanks for the leads all.


That should fix it:

There was a test, but sadly it was too forgiving and couldn’t catch this, I updated it to make it more obvious and strict that we are testing this behaviour.


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