Can't change a string, internal server error

I guess this is a minor #bug :

I get the error “internal server error” when I want to change the js.flagging.custom_message.more string from the admin panel. the reason I want to change it is shown in the image:


number of remaining character should be written there, instead of “missing {{n}} value”!

  • when I return the string to default, it is written: [Object object] in the field.
  • when I change the {{n}} to {{count}} or anything else I get “internal server error”.

is it something related to the translation written in transifex or is it something else?

I assume this is for Arabic? I’m seeing the following text entries in the admin panel:

That looks fine. Are you on latest?

I think you customized js.flagging.custom_message.more before it was converted into a pluralized string. Reverting the string to its default should work make it disappear even though you see the [Object object]. That “error” should be gone after you refresh the page. Can you give it a try?


yes, it’s gone and things are normal with refresh after pressing “default”.