Can't change the default colors of the theme to white

Greetings of the day!
I have recently started a discourse forum. Here’s the link. By default, the theme was dark. Even if I change the colors to white, it remains dark. The current version of discourse is 3.1.0.beta1. Here are some screenshots to support this topic:

As you can see, the default theme is Light.
Being a new user, I can’t upload another one, but you can open my website in a new tab to see how it looks.
Thank You in advance for helping a beginner out.

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It’s light for me when I click the link

You can go into your Preferences > Interface to change your color scheme there, which will only affect your account. I suspect your browser could be indicating the preference for dark mode which could be why it’s dark for you by default


Thank You so much for the help, time and expertise. Much appreciated. Once I turned the dark mode off, I was able to see a white website.

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